Star Garden

© Copyright 2016 Chad Johnson All Rights Reserved



Some times i pretend in my mind

That this world is not so blind

Then i wake and remember and i see

The worlds still a monster or is it just me

Keep tellin myself it all get better just wait and see

Pick myself up off the floor once again to find more

Broken peices of me all around as far as my eyes can see

Ever get the feelin its all just meant to be

Drown in illusion or the one mans fantasy

Just like the book i guess we’ll wait and see


Gravity is gone all i see is the sun

An ocean of stars that strech beyond

My mind reels confusion in this delusion heaven above

If i’m wrong give me wings give me flight ill leave here tonight wrong or right without a fight


If it’s all self evident who’s to blame who made this game and when did the rule book change

Who made you king of the dead and dying I wouldn’t want to be the ruler of the shamed

So take your hate take your war take your pride bury it like a mistake and be gone from our eyes like snow in the flames


JR tolken was right

The smallest things in life can cause us to fight

Hurt the ones we love in our life

Go against everything we been taught was right

Fuck up someone elses life never realizing

Sometimes no ones right but we claw and we bite

Reduced to animals just trying to feel heat from the suns light

I feel no motion in this ocean nothing but an atmosphere of notion

Radiant ions transform sky into emotion

Don’t let me fall I cant feel the ground i’ve lost my feet

In this star garden Im out of reach far away from your synthetic peace